Good evening people, It's 10 pm almost 11 pm in Nairobi, Kenya. And guess what, its my anniversary here. I'm happy. A full year of blogging. I did not get write as many posts as I had planned to write. but I'm here again. So to start of the year, we have a poem from... Continue Reading →


Dear diary

Good morning, I write this after reading a blog post from BIKOZULU. after dealing with my recurrent grief. I finally decided to write. I wasn't unable to write. Nothing came to me. In a sense, all I wanted was to remain in my cacoon and stay there. Blooming into a butterfly or not didn't... Continue Reading →


This brings lots of contention. Because no one likes an argument. I avoid them as much as I can. Until I watched an episode on arguments. Then a couple of days later I got myself into another argument. See you watch movies and you know exactly how it'll end because movies have become sooo predictable.... Continue Reading →

To whom it may concern

I know life has made it a little tough on you lately. This isn't to tell you that it will get better. This is to remind you that gold is passed through fire to remove it's impurities and become more valuable. You can't go-to church asking God why it's happening to you. Rather you need... Continue Reading →


Since October is cancer awareness month, I'll start with this. Urge all if not most of you to get checked. It doesn't hurt. And it's better to notice it while it's in stage 1 than stage 3. This post was supposed to be up by September but I couldn't put it up. I've lost two... Continue Reading →

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