I'll start with the last day I saw him to when we met. I met him. Actually, he spotted me first and went straight for my cheeks. It's as if he knew that that would get my attention. I was so spaced out that I wouldn't have noticed him if he hadn't done that instantaneously.... Continue Reading →


skönhet och hjärnor

I hardly ever remember the exact date we met. She best remembers it. I'm not good on remembering real first dates unless it really sticks. But it was after a class and she asked for my number because we had to plan how to tackle the class. The class lecturer was quite the charmer. Apparently... Continue Reading →


I've been having this sort of thinking for a while. For the people dearest to me, I'll write a post about how we met and our overall relationship till now. Kind of makes it more personal since it's my birthday month. So first person up is going to be my best friend. We first let... Continue Reading →

Male expectations

There are lots of things that really get on my nerves at times. The whole concept that men have this overall perception of what a lady looks like or should look like. So here are my annoying perceptions that I need to meet as a lady. 1. You don't look like you can cook. For... Continue Reading →

Resolutions review

With only 3 months to go to the year ended. I couldn't make it to two blogs a week. But it's been a struggle. I actually thought of something more enlightened to write but I couldn't. I fought with myself. Kept myself from going back to my past which was more comfortable. That was a... Continue Reading →


My brain instantly wakes up when I read Bikozulu the blog it's the most insightful and meaningful thing I get to read every Tuesday. The writing is exactly what I want you to have the pleasure of reading. I love his style of writing. Nothing gets hidden in his writing. You get to see and... Continue Reading →

2018 dating

Hey guys 🖐️👋 It's been a while since the last blog. I know. I know. Life made it's way known to me. So I'm from watching a YouTube video over25channel. It was mostly about marriage but my mind picks what it wants from videos and I implement them in my own way. So I just... Continue Reading →


When the clock struck midnight on 31st and the year turned from 2017 to 2018, I went to my knees and prayed. I said this year I will start my year in a way I never have before. I cried. I asked for better things to happen to people surrounding me because I felt like... Continue Reading →


She woke up terrified of all the noise All around Nothing made sense for a while But there she was running around making sure everything was fine Tears fell down her cheeks as she saw him for the last time Being cascaded down to his final resting place Her heart fell to the ground But... Continue Reading →

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