Old friend comes barging in

At times old friends are not welcome.


Writer’s block

I always thought that writer's block came about because your mind just didn't want to write. Or words could not form to make better sentences. At times I wished this was true. Then I could text and talk a lot more when I experienced it. Funny right. Then I read that writer's block is caused... Continue Reading →

Love war

  Love is war, The heart is the hotspot, Words are the fire and the weapon, Even the strongest lose terribly in this war, It takes hostages and prisoners, Enthralls their minds, The worst sabotage ever, Till they become walking ghosts, Never done with them, All the pain of the last time, Too much to... Continue Reading →

A necessary evil

Some things are just bad. Others the society makes us thinks that are evil. Such evils vary from community to community. Death is one of the least talked about occurrences in life. People go on planning their weddings as soon as they meet their most likely 'perfect match'. Then the number of babies they want.... Continue Reading →

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