Bubba 💕❤️

First said it and I knew. We'd be bubba and bubba for the longest time . At times I like my bubba a lot. Other times, their silence couldn't be any better at the right time. What's constant is that my bubba is mine. Looks around. Doing things I haven't done in a while all... Continue Reading →


Today I got flowers

Intrigued and triggered. I first saw this on instagram. I was elated. The lady all smiles because she received flowers. Then she says she was hit after an argument with the man. I'll talk on emotional abuse. It doesn't have to be with your man whom you chose. It can be with anyone in your... Continue Reading →


What if your maybe person became available? What If they saw you as a maybe too? Would you take the leap? Would you try and make it work? What if the odds were finally in your favor? Would you like to dance? Would you take that flight? Would you travel to make it all work?... Continue Reading →

Long distance

Love is well bound when the two of you are together. But what happens when you are miles apart? Does it fade? I know of instances where married people stayed in different cities in the same country and still fount it hard. To others the distance made it all better. It gave them something to... Continue Reading →

Left behind not left out

I write this with a heavy heart. It's easy to use tactics to get truths from someone you think are not straight with you. But it's sonething else to use the same tactics to hurt someone. Knowingly or unknowingly. The one hurting won't care if it was malicious or not. The hurt will stay with... Continue Reading →

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